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Relocation company

Would you like to move to Eindhoven as an expat of complete family? We are known as the best relocation company in Eindhoven and the whole region of Brabant, with a spotless reputation for many years. For over 130 years Strang Verhuizingen specializes in regular movements to, from and within Eindhoven. Individual expats, families as well as companies hire us frequently for moving to Eindhoven from abroad or on the way back to your mother country. Eindhoven Relocation is also active in surrounding towns such as Helmond, Geldrop, Waalre, Veldhoven, Best en Nuenen. Always at a very good price!

A good relocator for moving to or from Eindhoven


How do I find a good relocator in Eindhoven? Which company delivers an excellent job at moving? Where do i get a affordable, reliable and experienced relocation company? From our establishment in Vught Eduard Strang Verhuizingen we work on a daily basis in the Eindhoven area. Our professionals know all the ins and outs about legislations and everything involved in relocation activities in and around Eindhoven.


Advantages of hiring Strang moving company Eindhoven


When you decide to hire one of the most well known moving companies in Brabant, you can expect the most professional approach to your needs. Some of our plusses are:

  1. Over 130 years of experience in relocations in the Eindhoven area.

  2. We help individuals and companies with all aspects of moving, from A to Z. For example, we also clean and clear out properties from which you move.

  3. Customized work guided by one of our professionals who knows all of your wishes.

  4. We are a certified moving company at Erkende Verhuizers.

  5. We also specialize in relocations abroad, to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and outside of the EU as well.

  6. We do relocations of all sorts and sizes.

  7. All of our professionals have been selected for their excellent communication skills, are representative and know how to deliver excellent work together with their colleagues.

  8. We can offer storage of furniture at a very good rate.

  9. We can also provide with relocations on a very short notice. On request we do relocations in the weekends.


Good reasons to move to Eindhoven


More and more people choose the Eindhoven area to live in. Eindhoven is the fifth city in the Netherlands and houses large employers like Philips ad ASML. It’s a vibrant city which appeals all kinds of people. Studentdorms, senior housing and everything in between: Eindhoven, The City of Light, has it all!


Eindhoven, situated in the hart of Brabant, is wellknown for its university, the hip and happening Strijp-S, the Evoluon, PSV, unique churches, modern architecture and the Philips heritage. Belgium and the Efteling are just around the corner as well! Employment opportunities are very good and diverse. Eindhoven also provides with great shopping possibilities, sports, education, outdoor activities and lots of culture.

Contact us for advice or more information on what we can do for you


Would you like to get some more information on our services? We would like to help to make sure your relocation goes as smooth as possible. Please ask for a quotation without any obligation concerning private relocations and company relocations. You can contact us here!

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